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The Complete Digital Platform for your Construction Projects


Elevate Collaboration with Projectweb's Cloud Storage

Effortlessly manage project files with secure cloud storage and easy sharing, ensuring a streamlined collaboration experience that boosts efficiency and transparency.

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Digital Review

Enhance Precision and Workflow Efficiency with Digital Review

Elevate your architectural design collaboration with our innovative Digital Review module, enabling efficient annotations, precise issue resolution, and seamless teamwork, resulting in optimized project outcomes.

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Simplify Bidding Processes with Our Tender Module

Simplify the construction bidding process and project management with our intuitive module, offering a centralized platform for smooth communication, accurate tendering, and successful project outcomes.

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Quality Assurance

Quality Excellence with Our Advanced Quality Assurance Module

Enhance construction quality control through our comprehensive module, facilitating thorough quality checks, standards compliance, and project excellence for a successful construction journey.

Quality Assurance
“We use the digital platform from as our foundation, and the feature of Tendering in about half of the cases. Price-wise, is competitive, and our experience is that the structure is relatively straightforward."
Jesper Birn Lindeberg, Senior Projectleader
“We have chosen to use as our project website because the solution is so simple and intuitive. Another project website had many features that we felt we didn't need.”
Anders Bidstrup, Partner
“We put together a work group that took a good look at our actual requirements and reviewed the good and bad experiences our staff had already had with different providers. We had no hesitation in choosing, which delivers a well-functioning system that does precisely what we need”
Sjælsø Managment
Lars Jacobsen, Project Development Director
"All parties must be able to trust 100% that those who negotiated last and therefore submit their bids last do not gain any advantage from it. On the days when the first bids come in, everyone must have a guarantee that they are securely stored where no one has access to them."
Metro company
Carsten Larsen, Senior Procurement Manager
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