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Try the simple and effective project web with 3D viewer

The complete digital solution from makes construction management simple and accurate in all phases – with fully updated information for all parties involved.

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ncc aarhus DEAS Asset management

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See how helps clients including Boliggården and the Municipality of Middelfart, Denmark.


Just a few clicks is all it takes to generate an overview
and share fully updated information


Manages tenders

The tender module handles all kinds of tenders and competitive procurement.


Quick and simple

It is easy to create a construction project featuring groups, folders and rights.


Unlimited volume of data

The volume of data is unlimited, with everything collected in one place and secured with SSL-encrypted traffic.


Unique 3D viewer

The Autodesk-standard 3D viewer runs directly in the project web.

Number of projects under way


Users of the system


DKK million in competitive procurement in


All parties can now meet in 3D – without plug-ins

With an integrated 3D viewer embedded directly in the project web, construction clients, architects, engineers and contractors can meet up to discuss and prepare plans on the basis of shared visualisations that do not require costly software licences, third party programs or advanced technical skills.


Project Web, Tenders and Quality Assurance in a single solution

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Try the complete digital platform offers a complete digital platform – Project Web, Tenders and Quality Assurance – for steering your construction assignments securely through all phases of the process.

Project Web with a fixed structure, overview and elevated user-friendliness

The Project Web module paves the way to simple and efficient project planning and construction management. You can invite an unlimited number of users and easily keep everyone up-to-date with the latest drawings and information.

Keep track of tenders and competitive procurement processes – without a flood of emails systematises your tenders and competitive procurement processes – so there is no need to keep track of emails from right, left and centre. All actions are logged, so the entire procedure and the selection of the winning bid are always clearly documented.

Quality Assurance with digital registration – directly on site

You can now eliminate all the paperwork and enjoy time savings of up to 75%. Use IssMan from for fast and accurate digital registration of faults and defects – directly on site, using your smartphone or tablet.


"Important to have a platform that we, as construction clients, make available"

Autodesk 3D viewer, competitive procurement and solid support

"It's a relatively simple system in relation to others. Extremely user-friendly, competitively priced and good value for money. One major plus is the integrated Autodesk 3D viewer, which we really appreciate. Another thing we prize highly is the competent customer service, which means we don't have to provide support for our users ourselves if they're having trouble with an upload, for example."  

Nicolai Gintberg, Project Manager, Boliggården Helsingør 

"Consistent and competitively priced – with all data in one place"

The Danish Municipality of Middelfart and its consultants view as a simple and straightforward tool

"We use both the Project Web and Tender modules from The platform is simple and straightforward. It's easy to create folders and set up the structure, and we can do everything ourselves. – but if we do need help, then we really appreciate the support, which is fast and efficient.

Anders Troelsen, Construction Designer m.a.k., Property Centre, Municipality of Middelfart.


A simple and effective project web that provides you with a complete digital solution. delivers a complete digital platform that is simple and straightforward to work with. Ideal for secure management of project planning, tenders and competitive procurement – building management, quality assurance and delivery – as well as a property portfolio archive. ICT-approved with encrypted data traffic and an unlimited number of users.