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Bevar overblikket igennem hele byggeprojektet

With digital review you can ease work processes in the entire value chain of the construction – from tendering process and project design to construction phase and handing-over. The review is vital for the quality assurance of the project.


Supports SBi instruction 246

Among other things, the review tool is closely linked to SBi instruction 246 “Review of Building Projects” and it is therefore much easier for the project reviewer to follow these recommendations. The tool offers a complete structure with ample opportunity to make individual adjustments to the annotation fields that many have in Excel today.

More efficient review meetings

It is not expedient for each project party to review their own sets of files alone first and then collect and coordinate input from review meetings.

With the review tool, all types of review can be made online and in real time with all the relevant participants. Comments and requests for changes can be exchanged clearly and logged and questions can be clarified and defined more quickly.

At the same time, an online review platform also provides an opportunity for virtual review meetings. This may result in less transportation time for all parties and thereby higher productivity.

Samtidig giver en online granskningsplatform også muligheden for at mødes til virtuelle granskningsmøder. Det kan betyde mindre transporttid for alle parter og dermed igen en højere produktivitet.

Significant time-savings

Recapitulation of the final result for new version sets is a time-consuming process if performed with input via email and with cross references between documents and drawings. This also involves the risk of errors.

With the review tool, the person in charge may easily generate a new version set based on the results of the review process which is then ready for subsequent follow-up. This will save considerable time on the project.

Responsibilities and tasks are followed up

It is easy to register who is responsible for each task – and if the tasks are followed up. This will eliminate a lot of administratively time-consuming manual work for the person responsible for the review and free up time for more productive work.

The risk is reduced because it becomes easier to follow up on all the annotations and you avoid questions about the version because everything is logged.

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