Digital review

Perform review directly in the project material and achieve better structure, overview and knowledge sharing – while unlocking resources and time.



Avoid mistakes and waste

The review tool provides access for all parties to register, comment and annotate directly in joint online documents and drawings.

This reduces administration and unlocks important resources while significantly reducing waste, errors and defects.

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Your main advantages:


Overview without Excel

Digitization of task lists and control of comments and conclusions without the need for reference documents or Excel sheets with references.


Knowledge sharing

The review tool centralizes and distributes knowledge to make you less vulnerable to turnover of individual employees.



The review tool gives you structure, workflow and annotation templates that can be reused from project to project.


Spent your time better

The digital review process is faster and unlocks administrative time that can be put to better use for a broader or more in-depth review than usual.


Free up resources

A better review means fewer errors and defects, less waste and fewer delays due to corrections.


Digital review

Scope, basis, registration and annotation processes directly in joint online drawings and documents ensure constant access for everybody to updated material during the process.


Review all aspects

Use the review to ensure buildability, overall economy, standards and minimum requirements or functional requirements and user-oriented operation.


Freedom of method

Choose your own review method and let the system support it by keeping track of your data, annotations and conclusions.


Help in all phases of construction

You achieve easier and faster review – whether through phase shifts, project optimization processes, system delivery or by transfer.

A far better review process

Traditional review is demanding, challenging and time-consuming. It is also a process that everyone will agree is both important and necessary.

Therefore, traditional review with many manual processes always involves the risk of becoming a compromise between the ideal solution and the solution made possible by the resources available.

With’s digital review tool we speed up your review process while also strengthening the economy, buildability and handling of crucial data. The review tool documents the results for the client and the project planner who can determine the consequences of the review and incorporate the results of the review in the project.

Better processes

With digital review you can ease work processes in the entire value chain of the construction – from tendering process and project design to construction phase and handing-over. The review is vital for the quality assurance of the project.


Supports SBi instruction 246

Among other things, the review tool is closely linked to SBi instruction 246 “Review of Building Projects” and it is therefore much easier for the project reviewer to follow these recommendations. The tool offers a complete structure with ample opportunity to make individual adjustments to the annotation fields that many have in Excel today.

More efficient review meetings

It is not expedient for each project party to review their own sets of files alone first and then collect and coordinate input from review meetings.

With the review tool, all types of review can be made online and in real time with all the relevant participants. Comments and requests for changes can be exchanged clearly and logged and questions can be clarified and defined more quickly.

At the same time, an online review platform also provides an opportunity for virtual review meetings. This may result in less transportation time for all parties and thereby higher productivity.

Significant time-savings

Recapitulation of the final result for new version sets is a time-consuming process if performed with input via email and with cross references between documents and drawings. This also involves the risk of errors.

With the review tool, the person in charge may easily generate a new version set based on the results of the review process which is then ready for subsequent follow-up. This will save considerable time on the project.

Responsibilities and tasks are followed up

It is easy to register who is responsible for each task – and if the tasks are followed up. This will eliminate a lot of administratively time-consuming manual work for the person responsible for the review and free up time for more productive work.

The risk is reduced because it becomes easier to follow up on all the annotations and you avoid questions about the version because everything is logged.

No installation or software requirements

The review tool is online which means that the different project parties do not depend on installation of software. Synchronization of data is made in real time and across reviewers and workflows.

Risk management

Independent of individuals

Knowledge closely linked with individual employees always represents a risk for the continuity of the project. Turnover of key employees may result in knowledge loss and bottlenecks in processes and costly delays or errors.

Moving data online and distributing it from there significantly reduces the risk and accelerates the work processes.

Greater transparency

Moving the review work online creates greater transparency – in particular for the client who will be able to follow annotations and the progress.

Recreate historical data

By working in a joint online tool with an integrated log it will always be possible – also when the construction has been completed – to recreate a complete historical record of all sequences and actions.

This will also make it easier to establish accountability for any inadequate follow-up earlier in the project.

The documentation is in place

In some cases, it is a legislative requirement that a construction project is reviewed and that the process is documented. It can be an additional burden to provide all the necessary documentation if old emails and scanned documents and drawings are to be obtained manually.

With the digital review tool, the process will be automatically documented and searchable. In this way, you will always be able to provide the required documentation – also if the legal requirements should become stricter in future.

Historical data are maintained

Changing economic conditions and the development in the property market make it difficult to ensure a consistent retention of important data. When buildings change ownership or it is time for the 5-year review, archives and individual knowledge may be insufficient and create complications.

The review tool combined with the projectweb is the ideal platform to record and achieve historical constructiond ata without the risk of loosing knowledge or value.

External and internal review

Whether you need to implement external or internal review of the project, the review tool will support and facilitate your processes.

Review in all project phases’s review tool can be applied in all project phases:

  • In the tendering process where the client and the consultant together with the bidders may review the tender documents and address unclear points or optimization of the project

  • During the project design phase where many functions have to agree to establish a well-documented basis for an efficient execution

  • During the construction phase where the parties responsible for implementation review and adjust the project plans continuously in order to ensure buildability and reduce the extent of failure and damage as well as the risk of exceeding the budget

  • Upon handing-over or later retransfer of the property where review and logging material serve as documentation for processes, decisions and performance standards.

External review

As the developer, several situations may occur where you wish to exercise external review – e.g. as part of the quality control and the contractual performance.

Since all review material is online and includes a complete record of incidents and decisions, it will be easy for an external reviewer to access the project without having to retrieve and control large amounts of data in the form of documents, drawings and emails.


Internal KS review

The reviewer greatly enhances their ability to ensure a high quality together with the other project parties in real time and will obtain complete freedom to design the necessary workflows in the required number of steps according to their wishes.

Drawings can be reviewed directly without the need for reference documents or Excel sheets with references, and digital task lists and recording make it easy to maintain control of the situation for both assigned and completed tasks.

Technical advantages of digital review

If you change to digital review in the joint online material, you will achieve a wide range of technical advantages compared to manual review:

Higher quality

  • A functional building that is easy to operate
  • Registration of notes and annotations
  • Annotation extracts in PDF
  • Overview and insight for the developer
  • Commenting and logging – what has been agreed?
  • Reduce the extent of failure and damage
  • Reduce the risk of exceeding the budget


  • Ensure a well-documented project as the basis for an efficient execution
  • Documentation of the consultants’ review as the basis for reporting
  • Approval of files for preparation
  • Direct links in documents for annotations and comments
  • Partial results can be presented according to a tight schedule
  • Activity feed in real time provides better communication across teams
  • Mark-up and annotations on drawings and documents

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