Quality assurance

Quality assurance with the digital registration and punch list solution from IssMan – quick and easy, directly on site

Drop the paperwork and enjoy time savings of up to 75%.

Used in more than 100 countries for fast and accurate digital registration of faults and defects – directly on site using a smartphone or tablet.

The key benefits:


Digital lists on site

Your records and photos are converted into lists in Word, Excel or PDF format while you are still on site.


Registration and reporting in the app

Take a photo – mark the location – write a comment – and generate lists. All directly in the app.


Wave goodbye to paper

You don’t have to be in the office to write up notes in a report or transfer photos.


Inspections 75% faster

You can complete inspections and reports up to 75% faster because IssMan handles everything in a single work process.


Hand-over protocols

It is easy to prepare hand-over protocols while you are still on site.


Accurate pre-registrations

Use IssMan before a construction case is put out to tender – and for maintenance and renovation plans.


Mobile and efficient

You can carry out all kinds of inspections and registrations in the app on your tablet or smartphone.


Never forget anything

You won’t forget anything – and you’ll have your work when you leave the construction site.

A robust digital platform

IssMan for quality assurance is a part of the digital platform from Byggeprojekt.dk, which features Project Web, Tender and Quality Assurance modules and is a popular choice for construction assignments of all sizes: from renovation and new builds of homes, commercial premises, offices and shops – as well as schools, day-care centres and other institutions – to industrial buildings, hotels, metro lines and light railway installations.

Try IssMan quality assurance today

Arrange a presentation of the numerous benefits of our digital platform, IssMan, which you can take with you everywhere and run on your tablet or smartphone:

  • Experience how easily IssMan provides digital quality assurance – quickly and efficiently on site.

  • Experience how you never forget anything and register everything in the app.

  • You can take a photo, mark the location, comment on the fault/defect – and send a report immediately.

– of the benefits of the complete digital solution from IssMan and Byggeprojekt.dk.
– with features including a virtual check inside a building with the 3D viewer.

Keep track of faults and defects – just like that!

knudsgaard 3
”Byggefirmaet Knudsgaard uses IssMan”

Byggefirmaet Knudsgaard

“IssMan is great to use. It’s simple to access and navigate, and it’s easy to take a photo and then write the relevant information on it directly. When I take and upload a photo, it’s sent back to the office immediately. And I’ve done my job ...”

Lars Simonsen, Project Manager 

Brian Jeanty benytter IssMan til kvalitetssikring
”I needed an app where I could get started right away, and where I didn’t have to pay a lot of money in the start-up phase.”

IssMan makes it easy to prepare professional reports on site.

Brian Jeanty uses functions such as the app’s drawing support feature, where faults and defects can be linked to a position on a floor plan.

Brian Jeanty, Project Manager at the contracting company Jørgen Friis Poulsen, was working on a housing project in Køge, Denmark, when he found he needed an app for reviewing defects and taking care of hand-over procedures. IssMan was just what he needed:

“I needed an app where I could get started right away, and where I didn’t have to pay a lot of money in the start-up phase. Moreover, I didn’t have time to familiarise myself with a complex app packed with all kinds of functions.”

”I’ve tried many similar systems, but I came to the conclusion that they were simply too expensive and too advanced.”

“Easy to take photos of faults and defects, and to add tasks to a drawing.”

IssMan is the simple solution for quality assurance and process control that Rasmus Petersen has been looking for.

Rasmus Petersen works for a large company, where he is responsible for implementing new systems. He’s testing IssMan because he’s looking for a simple and inexpensive app for his work with quality assurance and process control.

“I’ve tried many similar systems, but I came to the conclusion that they were simply too expensive and too advanced. You almost need a degree in technology to use them,” he explains.

He came across IssMan on Google, installed the app and was instantly taken by the simple user interface:

“I just need something simple – something that works! And IssMan ticks all the boxes.”

Quality assurance made simple – with IssMan’s digital registration directly on site.

Say goodbye to paperwork with IssMan, the simple and efficient platform that enables you to register faults and defects digitally on site using your smartphone or tablet

Just like Byggeprojekt.dk’s Project Web and Tender modules, the distinguishing feature of IssMan is how easy it is to work with. You can take photos, mark the location of the issue on a drawing and add comments about the fault or defect in question – and generate a report immediately. All in a single app.

You can likewise share your checklists and punch lists, and interact with your team, colleagues, subcontractors and customers in a close working relationship independent of platforms.

IssMan is a secure, tried-and-tested solution with satisfied users in more than 100 countries.

Digital lists while you’re on site

IssMan creates digital lists for reporting in Word, Excel or PDF format while you are still on site – using all registered information, including photo documentation. All handled automatically in the app.

Complete registration, directly in the app

With the IssMan app on your tablet or smartphone, you can prepare a complete registration in a single work process: You can take photos and mark the location of the issue on a drawing.

Take care of everything here and now

IssMan enables you to eliminate paperwork back at the office and to become more efficient because you can take care of issues here and now – and then deal with other important tasks once you leave the construction site. Nothing is postponed – and the registrations you have completed and sent are available for others to follow up on straight away.

A whole new financial framework for inspections

Experience shows that using IssMan for inspections and reporting can generate time savings of up to 75%, because the system handles everything in a single work process. In a construction project that lasts six months with inspections every 14 days, every inspection can take 3–4 hours, thus totalling up to 48 hours over the course of the project. Using IssMan can reduce the time taken to just 12 hours, corresponding to a financial saving of DKK 27,000 – based on an internal hourly rate of DKK 750.

Hand-over protocols – quick and easy

IssMan’s digital registration process makes it easy to prepare hand-over protocols when a construction project is approaching conclusion. You can do everything you need to do on site: Take photos, mark locations, add registrations, etc. – and everything is then included in the protocol, which you can create in Word, Excel or PDF format.

Create accurate pre-registrations

IssMan makes it simple to work efficiently with pre-registrations, and to create an accurate report before starting to prepare plans for the maintenance or renovation of a building. Digital registration directly at the location means that everything is included and nothing is forgotten. At the same time, pre-registration with IssMan is a simple and secure way to make sure the documentation is all present and correct before a project is put out to tender.

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Your mobile digital tool

IssMan is a stand-alone app you can use on your smartphone or tablet. You don’t need a PC or a Mac to set it up or use it. Simply install the app and you're ready to work with registration, photo documentation and reporting.

Never forget anything

You may have to note down a great many details when working with inspections, registrations and hand-over procedures. In fact, it can be tough to keep track of them all – and the associated photos – if you have to return to your office to write up your report or prepare the protocol. IssMan makes sure you never miss anything, because you take all photos and enter all the registrations on site. And your work is finished when you leave the construction site.

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IssMan is a part of the complete digital platform from Byggeprojekt.dk – for the secure handling of project planning, tendering and competitive procurement processes – building management, quality assurance and hand-over – as well as a property portfolio archive. Simple and straightforward to work with. ICT-approved with encrypted data traffic and an unlimited number of users.