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We assist and work with architects, engineers, contractors, organisations and municipal/private construction clients.

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Chosen for its user-friendliness, functionality, quality and price

Boligkontoret Danmark uses for more than 100 construction cases per year.

Boligkontoret Danmark manages construction cases for non-profit housing companies, municipal authorities, autonomous institutions, associations, seniors’ housing associations and private investors and companies throughout Denmark. The objective is to ensure the best possible results in construction cases, and to create modern, contemporary and future-proof housing and residential areas.

In practice, the company acts as building manager on more than 100 cases per year, encompassing new builds, renovations and extensions.

Sjælsø Management has chosen our project web to manage the construction of 2,000 new homes

The desire for a consistent, simple yet flexible solution for the secure management of project plans and other documents and drawings led Sjælsø Management – following comprehensive research and testing – to choose .

The framework agreement comprises a professional project web for all Sjælsø Management's projects, where there are currently up to 2,000 new homes being developed in 6–8 projects, each valued at DKK 100–600 million.


A well-functioning project tool

Simple structure and straightforward for the users

Jesper Birn Lindeberg, Senior Project Manager, KAB:

“We use the digital platform from – that’s the foundation – and the Tender function for about half of our cases. is competitively priced and in our experience the structure is relatively simple It’s easy to work with, and the explorer system provides an excellent overview. You can easily bring in an extra participant and our consultants also find it simple to use. So it’s a useful, well-functioning project tool.

In practice, I tend to delegate the administrative tasks to the consultants we’ve hired for the project. This means that it’s the consultant who is responsible for uploading documents for the contractors and others.”

“It's now simple to run tender processes, and everyone can access the project material without any problems.”'s digital platform gives Wils A/S clear advantages

Based in Silkeborg, Denmark, Wils A/S is a contractor and development company working with main- and design-and-build contracts, as well as masonry and carpentry assignments. The company now uses the platform from as its digital tool:

“After a period spent working with the system to assess how it functions in relation to our case load, we’ve now chosen to enter into a company agreement,” relates Jens Lauvring Kristensen, Project Manager. “It’s the Tender function in particular that gives us an edge. It’s easy to manage the distribution of material at contract level, where the system itself merges addresses and dispatches emails to the subcontractors and skilled workers we want to send us bids.”