Byggeprojekt.dk is a complete digital platform, which is also easy to work with when handling tenders.

Byggeprojekt.dk is simple and secure to work with when handling all forms of digital tenders and competitive procurement – in projects valued at anything from DKK 100,000 to more than DKK 5 billion.

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The key benefits:

Quick and simple

It is easy to create a construction project featuring groups, folders and rights.


Consultancy tenders

The platform supports the entire process – from the earliest stages.

Tender with negotiation

Guarantees equal treatment of all parties.

Online bidding

Simple and secure system for making bids in digital tenders.

Logbook and documentation

Log of actions documents that everything has been done correctly.

Select hand-over requirements

You can easily define the hand-over requirements for digital tenders.

A robust digital platform

Byggeprojekt.dk currently has more than 40,000 users, made up of: the state, local authorities, private and public sector construction clients, developers, non-profit housing companies, property administrators, utility companies, transport companies, pension funds, architects, consultants and main- and design-and-build contractors throughout the Nordic region.

The digital platform with Project Web, Tender and Quality Assurance modules is a popular choice for assignments valued at anything from DKK 100,000 to more than DKK 5 billion. The projects encompass everything from renovation and new builds of homes, businesses, offices and shops – as well as schools, day-care centres and other institutions – to industrial buildings, hotels, metro lines and light railway installations.

You can handle all forms of tendering and competitive procurement

Byggeprojekt.dk provides a complete platform that is also easy to work with on tenders. All forms of tender and competitive procurement valued at everything from DKK 100,000 to more than DKK 5 billion can be dealt with simply and securely, in line with the latest procedures and tendering regulations in effect in Denmark and the EU. The tendering process is fully documented with a log of all actions – and maximum data security is assured by SSL-encrypted traffic.

The simple and secure choice for tenders

More than 40,000 users generate a wealth of experience with the digital solutions from Byggeprojekt.dk. Here, two different companies explain why they have chosen the Tender module – and the benefits they enjoy in everyday work situations:

Metroselskabet case
”Above all, it’s the most elegant and simple solution, and it’s packed with great functionality”

The Copenhagen Metro uses the tender module from Byggeprojekt.dk

Even though digital tendering was not to become a requirement until 2018, The Copenhagen Metro and the Greater Copenhagen Light Railway insisted on taking the lead in this development. When the new Danish Public Procurement Act and the new Directive on procurement by entities operating in the water, energy, transport and postal services sectors came into effect on 1 January 2016, the companies started combing the market for a technical solution with the capacity to deal with the challenges associated with guaranteeing equal treatment for all parties in the context of digital tendering with negotiation on major projects.

“All parties must be fully confident that whoever was invited in for the last round of negotiations – and thus submitted the last bid – did not gain any advantage from this. And when the first bids start to arrive, everyone must be certain that the bids are stored in a safe place, where no-one has access to them,” relates Carsten Larsen, Senior Procurement Manager at the Copenhagen Metro and the Greater Copenhagen Light Railway.


”Wils uses the project web solution from Byggeprojekt.dk”

It’s now simple to run tenders, and everyone can access the project material without any problems

Byggeprojekt.dk’s digital platform gives Wils A/S clear advantages

Based in Silkeborg, Denmark, Wils A/S is a contractor and development company working with main- and design-and-build contracts, as well as masonry and carpentry assignments. The company now uses the platform from Byggeprojekt.dk as its digital tool:

“After a period spent working with the system to assess how it functions in relation to our case load, we’ve now chosen to enter into a company agreement,” relates Jens Lauvring Kristensen, Project Manager. “It’s the Tender function in particular that gives us an edge. It’s easy to manage the distribution of material at contract level, where the system itself merges addresses and dispatches emails to the subcontractors and skilled workers we want to send us bids.”

How easy it is to put a project out to tender

It is quick and simple to create a construction project that is to be put out to tender. With groups, folders and rights – by copying and re-using existing structures, for example. You can invite an unlimited number of users to participate, and there is no need to keep track of the project stakeholders by juggling a flood of emails – the tender engine takes care of it.

Secure processing of consultancy tenders

Consultancy tenders are typically launched in the early phases of a project, and the tender module supports the entire process: Pre-qualification, initial rounds with invited bidders – and on from there.

Tender with negotiation

The Byggeprojekt.dk tender module also supports the “tender with negotiation” format and assures equal treatment of the parties through all the rounds of negotiation.

Control of digital tenders with user-defined delivery requirements

The tender module allows you to define the precise requirements and deadlines that must be met when submitting – and withdrawing – bids. And for confirming receipt of bids.

Secure tendering and digital competitive procurement online

It is simple and secure to submit bids in the tender module for digital competitive procurement online. All participants have access to the latest information and drawings, and the level of data security is high thanks to an encrypted SSL connection, as well as backup and log functions.

Logbook generates documentation

Who did what and when? The logging of all actions in the system documents that everything connected to the tender has been done – and decided – according to the rules and regulations. And that the latest versions of drawings and other documents form the basis for tenders and negotiations, because the log shows whether the tenderers have received and opened the material.

As the tender administrator, you always have access

The tender administrator always has secure access to applications/bids received, so it is easy to stay up-to-date.

Integrated ESPD service

Byggeprojekt.dk features – at no extra cost – ESPD service in connection with tenders and pre-qualification processes. The service is available to both clients and tenderers on the basis of the EU Commission’s well-known portal and functions.

The ESPD service is integrated and fully compatible with the EU Commission’s solution, which has now been phased out.

The tender engine makes it simple to keep the prices safely within budget tender architecture

Byggeprojekt.dk is the only project web on the market to feature a tender engine with a special module that gives contractors who work with numerous subcontractors, suppliers and partners clear benefits in their everyday work situations:

  • Create your own subcontractor database – with all information in a single, shared place.
  • Put assignments up for tender simply by ticking the names of the relevant subcontractors
  • All communication runs through the project web – so there is no need to keep track of a host of tender letters and emails.
  • Easy to inform everyone about alterations, new deadlines, changes to specifications and so on.
  • Unlimited number of users: Subcontractors can also invite their subcontractors.

This helps improve management, where you can follow the entire tender process all the way to the total price: Who has sent in bids? Who needs to be sent a reminder? Do we need to ask more operators?

The platform provides a solid overview of all tender cases – as well as history and previous tender prices.

See how easy it is to work with Tenders and Byggeprojekt.dk.


Arrange an individual presentation of the numerous advantages offered by our digital platform that you can take with you everywhere and run in any browser on your computer, tablet or smartphone:

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