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Explore our Tender Module for streamlined construction bidding and management. Ideal for contractors and project owners alike, our platform guarantees smooth collaboration, clear communication, and successful results.

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Key Features

Your Trusted Solution for Effortless Tenders

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Effortless Project Setup

Seamlessly create construction projects with groups, folders, and rights to ensure a structured and efficient tendering process.

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Comprehensive Consultancy Tenders

From the earliest stages to the final decisions, our platform fully supports the entire consultancy tender process.

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Equitable Tendering with Negotiation

Our system guarantees equal treatment for all parties involved in the tendering process, fostering a fair and transparent environment.

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Organized Bidding-process

Create a tender process that is more robust in personnel changes, as all communication happens in the platform.

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Comprehensive Logbook & Documentation

Keep a detailed log of actions and documentation to ensure that every step has been carried out correctly, providing clarity and accountability.

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Customizable Hand-Over Requirements

Easily define hand-over requirements for digital tenders, ensuring that all parties are aligned on the necessary expectations for project completion.

Streamlined Bidder Management & Assessment

Manage and assess bidders effortlessly with Byggeprojekt.dk’s Tender Module. Our tools simplify bidder engagement and evaluation, ensuring an informed tender process. Track interactions, evaluate performance, and choose the best bidders based on data-driven insights.

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How Simple Tendering a Project Can Be

Easily set up a construction project for tendering. Use groups, folders, and rights, and even replicate existing structures. Invite countless users without drowning in emails; our tender engine handles stakeholder management for you.
Secure processing of consultancy tenders

Consultancy tenders are typically launched in the early phases of a project, and the tender module supports the entire process: Pre-qualification, initial rounds with invited bidders – and on from there.

Tender with negotiation

The Byggeprojekt.dk tender module also supports the “tender with negotiation” format and assures equal treatment of the parties through all the rounds of negotiation.

Control of digital tenders with user-defined delivery requirements

The tender module allows you to define the precise requirements and deadlines that must be met when submitting – and withdrawing – bids. And for confirming receipt of bids.

Secure tendering and digital competitive procurement online

It is simple and secure to submit bids in the tender module for digital competitive procurement online. All participants have access to the latest information and drawings, and the level of data security is high thanks to an encrypted SSL connection, as well as backup and log functions.

Logbook generates documentation

Who did what and when? The logging of all actions in the system documents that everything connected to the tender has been done – and decided – according to the rules and regulations. And that the latest versions of drawings and other documents form the basis for tenders and negotiations, because the log shows whether the tenderers have received and opened the material.

As the tender administrator, you always have access

The tender administrator always has secure access to applications/bids received, so it is easy to stay up-to-date.

Integrated ESPD service

Byggeprojekt.dk features – at no extra cost – ESPD service in connection with tenders and pre-qualification processes. The service is available to both clients and tenderers on the basis of the EU Commission’s well-known portal and functions.

The ESPD service is integrated and fully compatible with the EU Commission’s solution, which has now been phased out.

“We use the digital platform from Byggeprojekt.dk as our foundation, and the feature of Tendering in about half of the cases. Price-wise, Byggeprojekt.dk is competitive, and our experience is that the structure is relatively straightforward."
Jesper Birn Lindeberg, Senior Projectleader
“We have chosen to use Byggeprojekt.dk as our project website because the solution is so simple and intuitive. Another project website had many features that we felt we didn't need.”
Anders Bidstrup, Partner
“We put together a work group that took a good look at our actual requirements and reviewed the good and bad experiences our staff had already had with different providers. We had no hesitation in choosing Byggeprojekt.dk, which delivers a well-functioning system that does precisely what we need”
Sjælsø Managment
Lars Jacobsen, Project Development Director
"All parties must be able to trust 100% that those who negotiated last and therefore submit their bids last do not gain any advantage from it. On the days when the first bids come in, everyone must have a guarantee that they are securely stored where no one has access to them."
Metro company
Carsten Larsen, Senior Procurement Manager
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