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Reliable information and solid process management are the keys to dealing with the numerous challenges that face construction clients, contractors, engineers and project managers.


With you every step of the way

Communicating clearly and sharing information help ensure that all parties have the opportunity to get involved.

Byggeprojekt.dk provides a complete digital platform for simple and secure management of project planning, competitive procurement and tendering – building management, quality assurance and hand-over – as well as an archive for property portfolios. ICT-approved with encrypted data traffic and an unlimited number of users.

The platform currently has more than 40,000 users, made up of: the state, local authorities, private and public sector construction clients, developers, non-profit housing companies, property administrators, utility companies, transport companies, pension funds, architects, consultants and main- and design-and-build contractors throughout the Nordic region.

The projects, with budgets varying in size from DKK 100,000 to more than DKK 5 billion, encompass everything from renovation and new builds of homes, businesses, offices and shops – as well as schools, day-care centres and other institutions – to industrial buildings, hotels, metro lines and light railway installations.

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