“A well-functioning solution that perfectly matches our needs and is easy to use.”

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Sep 15, 2020 9:54:07 AM

Sjælsø Management uses Byggeprojekt.dk for its digital construction management

On the strength of an in-depth examination of market, the development company Sjælsø Management chose the project web solution from Byggeprojekt.dk to handle its document management for the development of thousands of new homes:

lars-jacobsen-sjaelsoeWe put together a work group that took a good look at our actual requirements and reviewed the good and bad experiences our staff had already had with different providers. We had no hesitation in choosing Byggeprojekt.dk, which delivers a well-functioning system that does precisely what we need,” explains Lars Jacobsen, Project Development Director at Sjælsø Management.

Framework agreement with the option of special development of components

The company has entered into a framework agreement that comprises a professional project web for all Sjælsø Management’s projects. A consistent, shared structure has been developed that everyone can use, but which nevertheless allows individual adaptations in the separate projects. The framework agreement also enables Sjælsø Management to access specially developed new components as and when they need them:

“There was a situation where we wanted to give an external consultant access to the tender module, but only for the case in question. Byggeprojekt.dk listened carefully to our request and developed a function specifically for the way we work. They came up with a solution for the challenge we were facing as regards handling competitive procurement in similar cases,” relates Lars Jacobsen.

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