No-one has any problems using the project web has chosen the digital platform from for managing its assignments carries out project development and construction development, as well as main- and design-and-build contracts. With more than 25 years of experience from the construction industry, the company is a reliable partner in all phases of the construction process. The starting point is always the best possible technical construction solutions and tight control of the financial aspect. has chosen to work with – a complete digital solution featuring Project Web, Tender and Quality Assurance modules. Per Thormann, Director, has highly positive experience with the system:

“Everything is straightforward and built up in a way that makes it simple to work with. Whenever new employees join our organisation – or when we invite external partners to join in – there are never any questions. No-one has any problems using the project web!”

The company is based in Roskilde, Denmark, and has most recently worked on contracts for the construction of 139 non-profit homes located in the Osted, Lejre, Skovlunde and Stenløse areas.


Per Thormann

Per Thormann


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Et enkelt og effektivt projektweb, der sikrer dig en komplet digital løsning

Med får du en komplet digital platform, der er enkel og nem at arbejde med. Til sikker håndtering af projektering, udbud og licitation - byggestyring, kvalitetssikring og aflevering - samt arkiv til ejendomsportefølje. IKT-godkendt med krypteret datatrafik og ubegrænset antal brugere.