Boligkontoret Danmark has chosen on account of its user-friendliness, functionality, quality and price

Boligkontoret Danmark uses for more than 100 construction cases per year.

Boligkontoret Danmark manages construction cases for non-profit housing companies, municipal authorities, autonomous institutions, associations, seniors’ housing associations and private investors and companies throughout Denmark. The objective is to ensure the best possible results in construction cases, and to create modern, contemporary and future-proof housing and residential areas.

In practice, the company acts as building manager on more than 100 cases per year, encompassing new builds, renovations and extensions.

Chosen through competitive procurement

To guide the numerous projects through all the different phases, Boligkontoret Danmark uses the complete digital platform from, which was selected after a competitive procurement round involving the leading players on the market. returned the most financially advantageous bid in relation to the weighting of user-friendliness, functionality, quality and price set out in the tender.

A 4-year framework agreement has now been concluded for the use of Byggeprojekt’s digital solutions such as the Project Web for document management, the Tender module for digital competitive procurement processes, as well as the 3D viewer and the archive for 1- and 5-year reviews.


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Et enkelt og effektivt projektweb, der sikrer dig en komplet digital løsning

Med får du en komplet digital platform, der er enkel og nem at arbejde med. Til sikker håndtering af projektering, udbud og licitation - byggestyring, kvalitetssikring og aflevering - samt arkiv til ejendomsportefølje. IKT-godkendt med krypteret datatrafik og ubegrænset antal brugere.