It’s easy to work with, and the explorer system provides an excellent overview ...

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Sep 15, 2020 9:10:43 AM


Simple structure and straightforward for the users

Jesper Birn Lindeberg, Senior Project Manager, KAB:

We use the digital platform from – that’s the foundation – and the Tender function for about half of our cases. is competitively priced and in our experience the structure is relatively simple It’s easy to work with, and the explorer system provides an excellent overview. You can easily bring in an extra participant and our consultants also find it simple to use. So it’s a useful, well-functioning project tool.

In practice, I tend to delegate the administrative tasks to the consultants we’ve hired for the project. This means that it’s the consultant who is responsible for uploading documents for the contractors and others.”

Easier to download heavy documents

“We’re learning more and more so that we can also use the system for other tasks. For example, communicating with the construction committees that operate in the different departments of the housing company. Here, we benefit from the function that allows us to upload heavy documents rather than having to send them by email, which the recipients sometimes have trouble handling. It’s just as easy for us to upload the files to as to use one of the file transfer services that are available.

We’re currently looking at what the different groups and users think of this way of accessing documents. One overriding consideration is that not everyone is equally comfortable with IT, so it’s a real advantage if all you have to do is click a link to open or download the document straight away.”

Housing development and construction

KAB – Københavns Almindelige Boligselskab – is a customer-owned company established in 1920 in Copenhagen, Denmark, to deal with the housing shortage at that time. Today, the company works with housing development in a broader context: building, renting and administrating non-profit and municipal housing, and supplying services in areas such as energy operation and construction consultancy. KAB also handles assignments as a construction manager for both new builds and renovations, as well as coordinating social housing initiatives in dialogue with residents and municipal authorities.

With more than 60,000 leases in and around the Danish capital, KAB is the largest administration organisation in the country.


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