“It has increased operational reliability and significantly reduced our workload”

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Sep 15, 2020 8:59:13 AM

The Byggeprojekt.dk project web has helped the Danish company Skou Gruppen boost productivity appreciably in its bid and project teams

Based in Hørsholm, Denmark, Skou Gruppen is currently inundated with work, and the increased workload has led the company – which operates as a main- and design-and-build contractor – to choose Byggeprojekt.dk as the replacement for a variety of online tools.

“In time, the system we were using became just too cumbersome because we had to link all processes and tools together manually. This meant that our staff wasted a lot of time and experienced a lot of frustration,” relates Martin Skou Heidemann, CEO.

“Our new project web has increased operational reliability and reduced our workload. The system automatically deals with many of the processes we previously had to carry out manually.”

Productivity is on the rise, and uncertainty is disappearing.

“We can see how much easier it is to put offers together now – and then to hand them over to the project teams when the time comes to implement them. It makes the work processes so much easier.”

At the same time, features such as the logbook function provide Skou Gruppen with clear benefits when collecting prices from subcontractors, for example.

“Previously, we never knew who would get back to us with a price after we sent our requests out. The new project web instantly reveals who has received and reacted to our enquiries. This makes it much easier for us to pinpoint the right price,” adds Martin Skou Heidemann.

“What is more, we can document who knew what, and when. This means there is no longer any uncertainty regarding whether or not a given partner knew about a specific detail. We can simply look it up.”

Always hits the target

Martin Skou Heidemann is particularly impressed that even though the Byggeprojekt.dk project web wasn’t developed specifically to cover Skou Gruppen’s needs, it feels like working with a bespoke system:

“There’s never been a single system before that could do everything we needed. Our new project web eliminates the need for all the tools and manual processes we previously had to use to get all the systems and procedures to interact. It’s really liberating,” he says.

“Moreover, it’s great that it’s not just some kind of American system that you can sort of adapt to what you need. This project web is a perfect fit for the needs that apply to the Danish construction industry – our rules and regulations for competitive procurement, our specific procedures, and so on. It all fits together,” explains Martin Skou Heidemann.

Some good advice

Despite all the kind words, the CEO has some good advice for other players in the industry:

“I would strongly advise all our competitors not to invest in this system,” concludes Martin Skou Heidemann with a smile.


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