Competitive procurement with volumes, codes and traceability – possible?

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Sep 21, 2020 10:02:46 AM

We can now share one of the first case histories where the contractors confirm that a BIM project with volumes, codes and traceability saved the construction client at least 5%.

Our vision for the sector is to drive development forward by proving that IT PAYS DIVIDENDS to go ALL IN on BIM. However, BIM is only valuable if the models are VALID.

We believe that what is needed to create valid models is the involvement of an INDEPENDENT reviewer. Over the past six months, we have screened 50 projects that did not have an independent ICT manager associated with them. Unfortunately, it transpired that none of the 50 projects we examined featured valid models that could be used for volume extracts, or for actual construction. It is a shame that so much energy is devoted to creating 3D BIM models, where you cannot subsequently reap the benefits simply because the models were not reviewed on an ongoing basis.


Construction client:

Boligselskabet AKB / KAB



BIM manager / ICT manager:

Michael Hoffmann Erichsen ( ApS)


Special care residences, 9,740 m2 in all, total construction cost: DKK 140 million


Implementation of BIM in AI and in the project.

Execute a complete project in BIM, with volume tender, coding and traceability of building sections in descriptions, bills of quantities and models.


The construction client saved 5% on the contract bids!

  • A clear, consistent project of extremely high quality.
  • After the tendering process, the bidding contractors stated: “We were able to reduce our bid by at least 5% on account of the volume tender, traceability and consistency of the project.” There were actually two of the bidders who stated that they were able to reduce their bids by fully 7%.


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