“We can tailor the way we manage the projects – and then use it again”

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Sep 21, 2020 10:19:43 AM

Ingcon A/S uses Byggeprojekt.dk to manage projects including the construction of 2,000 new homes on Grønttorvet

In a 4-year project worth DKK 5 billion to build new homes on Grønttorvet in Valby, Denmark, a project web solution from Byggeprojekt.dk helps ensure full control of the drawings and papers involved in running 19 construction projects simultaneously.

Around 4,000 people can look forward to moving into their new homes when the 160,000 m2 Ny Valby development is completed on the site that previously housed the Grønttorvet marketplace. The project includes construction of 2,000 new homes, children’s day-care facilities, shops and cafés spread across 21 building plots.

Simple and flexible solution, Ingcon can do the editing itself


Ingcon A/S is responsible for the construction management and has chosen a flexible web-based solution from Byggeprojekt.dk to process the huge volumes of drawings and other documents that will need to be exchanged and stored in connection with the construction works:


“We have excellent experience with using Byggeprojekt.dk, which presents a simple and flexible solution. Byggeprojekt.dk is extremely competitively priced and we can adapt it to match our needs exactly,” relates Anders Bidstrup, Director at Ingcon A/S.

He goes on to highlight how important it is that Ingcon A/S can edit the menus itself:

We often work with a select group of partner companies that follows us from one project to the next. So it’s a real advantage for us that in the Byggeprojekt.dk solution, we can create a bespoke template that mirrors the way we like to run our projects – and then use it again and again,” continues Anders Bidstrup.

Ingcon A/S shares responsibility for the development and construction of Ny Valby with the development company FB Gruppen A/S.


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